Sherinne knows that it takes courage to face one’s fears and embrace the therapeutic process, and she honors and appreciates each person who chooses to take this journey. As a therapist who has lived and faced many of her own challenges and fears, Sherinne focuses on creating a safe therapeutic space where issues may be addressed, and healing can take place.

Sherinne works with children, individuals, and families in a number of different areas, specializing in the ‘misuse of power,’ or abuse. With a belief that justice, mercy, and freedom all join together in creating peace and safety, Sherinne’s insight and understanding forms the foundation of her work with those who are challenged by the misuse of power.

Sherinne works with all types of power misuse, which can include psychological, emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, cultural, social, verbal, sexual, and spiritual. Sherinne has particular empathy and concern for those women and men, their partners, and the children of families who deal with the imbalance of power, break-up violence, domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, and abuse.

Sherinne’s client-centered approach is driven by an understanding that we do not exist alone, but in systems that highly impact us. She believes in caring for the whole person; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. With a Master of Marriage & Family Therapy (MA MFT), a Bachelor of Arts in Religion (BA), and an Executive Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence (Cand.) Sherinne's experience, education, and training is immense.

Sherinne is also a skilled EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), drawing from this skill when working with those who have experienced and witnessed trauma.

Sherinne Cropley MA MFT, RCC